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60 Minutes’ Segment Sheds Light on Novi Neurologist’s Work

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mriDearborn, MI – A recent episode of CBS’ 60 Minutes explained how advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques can reveal traumatic brain injury among veterans. Those same techniques are available at the Center for Neurological Studies in Dearborn.

“Veterans, people who’ve been in car accidents, people who’ve fallen and hit their heads, a number of individuals are at risk for concussion and lasting brain injury,” said Dr. Randall Benson, a behavioral neurologist and medical director at the Center for Neurological Studies (CNS). “When I can actually show them the lasting impact of that accident or fall on their brain using advanced MRI, it’s a life changing moment for them. It’s as though they can now say, ‘See, I told you something was wrong, and there is.’”

The advanced MRI technique explained in the 60 Minutes episode “The Hidden Wound” – and available at CNS – is called susceptibility-weighted imaging or SWI. SWI tracks the flow of particles in the brain, yielding an image of the brain significantly more sensitive than traditional MRI techniques.

The 60 Minutes’ episode explored the plight of Major Richards, a veteran who suffered multiple concussions during combat in the Middle East. The symptoms of his brain injury were often mistaken for other disorders, such as post-traumatic stress. CNS Executive Director, John D. Russell, said one of the cruelest aspects of brain injury is that it is a hidden wound – until now.

Russell said CNS is uniquely qualified to objectify mild- to moderate-traumatic brain injury using advanced MRI techniques and the experience of its medical director, Dr. Benson. The Center hosts patients from around the world who have experienced concussion or brain trauma following injury in sports, motor vehicle accidents, and other events. In 2010, Dr. Benson reported before a US House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on his research into concussions in football. It’s a concern that continues to this day given the class-action lawsuit filed by upwards of 4,000 former National Football League players have filed against the league.

CNS was founded in 2011 with the objective of advancing scientific research for neurovascular disease. The Center hosts patients from around the world who seek an accurate diagnosis from advanced neuroimaging techniques, especially in cases of mild to moderate traumatic brain injury. For more information on CNS, reach Brent Chartier at (586) 996-3221.

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NOTE TO EDITORS: CNS staff are available for interview on brain injuries and brain-related diseases. Topics may include concussions in sports, help for caregivers of loved ones suffering brain disease and concussions among combat veterans. Reach CNS at (313)228-0930.

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