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Donate 313-228-0930 M-F 9AM - 5PM

About CNS

Providing quality and expert neurological care throughout Michigan

Serving patients and their families after Combat

The Center for Neurological Studies mission is to advance the scientific research of neuroimaging methods to translate new insights into improve diagnosis of brain injury and provide educational resources of these findings; as well as provide support and resources to other organizations that provide educational materials of brain disorders.

Join us in our mission:

We provide innovative resources and hope to caregivers, survivors, and professionals.

To develop more effective diagnosis for brain disorders (e.g. Traumatic Brain injury and stroke) through the use of advanced MRI methods, which provide unprecedented understanding of normal brain function and disease.

The Center for Neurological Studies was founded in June, 2011, in Novi, Michigan with the objective of advancing scientific research for neurovascular disease through functional MRI techniques. These advanced imaging protocols provide a significant opportunity to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from traumatic brain injuries, including motor vehicle accidents and sports related incidents, as well as MS and stroke.

Join us in our mission to imagine what’s possible in the world of TBI and Stroke. We’re seeking answers to help us diagnose and treat patients in need of support and assistance. We are committed to developing new therapeutic and diagnostic techniques to diagnose patients suffering from neurological disease.

Providing personalized care and support for brain trauma patients and families

Leading Experts

Our team includes well-documented experts in the research and application of new imaging techniques; they are at the forefront of concussion studies related to NFL, blast injuries (military), and motor vehicle induced brain trauma. Our team’s collaboration at CNS has the potential to provide one of the most unique opportunities for drug development treatment protocols and patient life improvement in neurological disorders.  In addition to the aforementioned diseases, epilepsy and dementia have significant follow-on potential.


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Diagnostic Research and Development

CNS researches and develops diagnostic tests for neurovascular diseases and incapacitating brain disorders (e.g. TBI and stroke) through the use of advanced MRI methods, including Susceptibility-Weighted Imaging (SWI) and Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI),  which provide unprecedented understanding of normal brain function and disease.

Annual Report

Learn more about the CNS’s progress, current studies, and a financial overview in our Annual Report.