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CNS Research to be Showcased at TBI Conference

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CNS Research to be Showcased at TBI Conference

Dearborn, MI – Research from the non-profit Center for Neurological Studies (CNS) will be showcased at Arrowhead’s 5th Annual Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) Conference next month in Washington, D.C. Featured will be CNS research into tinnitus, rehabilitation, and advanced brain imaging techniques to identify mild-to-moderate TBI.

“This is a major conference on TBI nationally, and we’re proud to have our research a part of it,” said John Russell, CNN executive director.
CNS research is guided by vice president, medical director, Dr. Randall Benson. Benson’s papers have appeared in the Journal of Neurotrauma, Hearing Research, and NeuroRehabilitation, among others.

“These are exceedingly dynamic times for brain injury research, given the White House BRAIN initiative and all the press on concussions in sports,” said Dr. Benson. “We have several more research projects in the CNS-pipeline, so having this national exposure and contributing to a greater understanding of brain injury advances our mission.”

The TBI Conference will be represented by CNS director of education, Robyn Wheeler, LPN, CBIS. The Arrowhead 5th Annual TBI Conference offers a showcase for original research and analysis into TBI so as to improve the diagnosis and care for TBI survivors. Arrowhead is a Minnesota-based life sciences publishing and research company.

Founded in 2011, the objective of CNS is to advance scientific research for neurovascular disease. The Center hosts patients from around the world who seek an accurate diagnosis using advanced neuroimaging techniques, especially in cases of mild-to-moderateTBI. For information on CNS, its research and funding campaign, call (313) 228-0930 or visit

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NOTE TO EDITORS: CNS staff are available for interview on brain injuries, brain-related diseases, and advanced brain imaging techniques. Topics may include concussions in sports, help for caregivers of loved ones suffering brain disease and concussions among combat veterans. Reach CNS (313) 228-0930.

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