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Donate 313-228-0930 M-F 9AM - 5PM

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Dr. Randall Benson will be a speaker at this webinar discussing “How to Present a Brain Injury Case” on July 30th. Dr. Benson is a globally regarded behavioral neurologist & imaging neuroscientist who is recognized for his advances in the diagnosis & treatment of brain disorders. He will help explain with his expertise how to prove or make a case with multiple examples of evidence at this webinar. Sign up for the webinar now!

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TBI (traumatic brain injury) is hard to prove without the use of medical professionals There is no silver bullet test for proving a mTBI (mild to moderate traumatic brain injury) case. But, there are multiple lines of evidence that are independent of each other. Dr. Randall Benson has been an integral part of more than 500 courtroom cases with his cutting edge research and technology in mTBI.

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