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Dr. Benson and the CNS team, including experts in the research and application of innovative imaging techniques, sees people from throughout the entire country, and even the globe.

What Others Are Saying

What our subjects and others say about their experience with the doctors and staff at the Center for Neurological Studies.

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“Our experience with CNS has been nothing less than exemplary. Our son was experiencing some symptoms, which could be attributed to abnormalities in the brain. The trust we have in CNS was cause to give any parent confidence."

“Thank you for the opportunity to share our very favorable experiences with the Center for Neurological Studies.”

James H. Held, Sr.

“I was seriously injured in a head-on car crash at 65 mph. I spent 12 days in a coma and broke my skull in multiple places, suffering three brain bleeds. My wife knew that I was not the same and had suffered a brain injury. I was in denial – until I saw the imaging and read the evaluation done by CNS. The education received by CNS’s research enabled me to change my focus from denying any injury to moving on and doing everything I can to make my life more fulfilling. I regularly turn to the CNS website to stay updated on CNS’s findings and educational support.”

CNS Research Subject

After meeting with over seven different neurologists, from New York to Detroit, Ms. Pat Jones finally met with Dr. Randall Benson. For the first time, she didn’t feel like a number, but felt that her voice was heard as Dr. Benson worked diligently to provide her with a proper diagnosis. Now, Pat feels she is finally on her healing journey.

A Testimonial From Pat Jones

Pam and Jeff

Military Donor

“After our football careers, so many of us retired pro players have had to rely on partnering with a healthcare professional for the many struggles we face. My relationship with CNS has been a lifesaver. Based on research conducted by CNS and Dr. Randall Benson, I was able to understand and be educated about my condition. I’ve told other retired pros, CNS’s education and research can do the same for them and anyone else who’s had problems with brain injury.”

John “Frenchy” Fuqua, retired NFL running back, Pittsburgh Steelers

"In 2009, I was involved in a car accident. When I regained consciousness I was confused, disoriented, and frankly don’t remember much from the days and weeks that followed. Though the standard medical imaging indicated there wasn’t any injury, I knew I didn’t leave that accident unchanged. I had experienced a traumatic brain injury. After neuro-rehabilitation, I realized that I still wasn’t functioning appropriately; I had chronic headaches, an inability to remember, focus and multitask, and had significant emotional instability. I struggled with this over the two years after my accident."

"When I was referred to Dr. Benson and the Center for Neurological Studies I really didn’t have high expectations. I really didn’t know what he was going to tell me: normal scan, subjective symptoms. After an MRI, I spent the rest of the day in his office, breaking down my symptoms one by one. This was the first time anybody, even the neuropsychologists, had focused on the details of what the heck was going on with me. When I got the report back from Dr. Benson, the Advanced MRI Trauma Protocol Scan was amazing. For the first time in two years, I felt I had an explanation for the symptoms I had experienced from the accident. The ability of his research to demonstrate and correlate my condition to the abnormal findings on his imaging was remarkable to me. As a physician, it gave me the insight to really understand what had happened to me, and why it was affecting me the way it was."

Timothy Neff, MD

"I have been highly impressed with the dedication and scientific efforts of the CNS team."

"Each talented expert, in their own way, has been “true north” in terms of mission and objective: to enhance the quality of life for individuals challenged by closed head injuries."

"In a society that is learning about closed head injuries and the traumatic impact of these injuries, CNS continues to educate both our communities and medical contributors from both a prevention and care protocol. We can expect CNS, a highly respected research and scientific-based organization, to continue to humanize their work in order to benefit those in need, thus making a difference in the lives of individuals and their family. We can see the journey of CNS as an example of excellence as they further their mission, through financial support, where the demand of their expertise continues to grow."

Rosalind Lullove Cooperman


As members of the Center for Neurological Studies' Board of Directors, it gives us great pleasure to endorse the world-class research into diffusion tensor imaging and other advanced magnetic resonance imaging techniques spearheaded by Dr. Randall Benson, Mark Haacke, PhD, and the other CNS researchers and staff. Their work impacts the entire behavioral neurological profession and, by extension, generations of families. Here’s why.

Stories of those who suffer mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injury (TBI) read like a revolving door of care as they negotiate a healthcare system that knows little about the problems they face. They may be referred from one specialist to another, specialists in one system who know little about other systems or how TBI affects the whole. Over time and without an accurate diagnosis, the TBI sufferer is beset by anxiety as to the cognitive challenges he or she faces, anxiety that may lead to further cognitive decline and to depression. Meanwhile, their loved ones see changes in the TBI sufferer they neither understand nor have the ability to compensate for and, without access to a knowledgeable healthcare professional for assistance, spouses and children may turn away from the TBI sufferer or their own issues may be exacerbated if left unaddressed.

A TBI is a biopsychosocial-vocational event. Without accurate, immediate diagnosis, it can alter family systems for generations to come.

CNS offers hope both for TBI sufferers and their loved ones. Diffusion tensor imaging is the leading edge of neurologic imaging today. Knowing where the brain has been impacted and to what extent, Dr. Benson and his team offers the insightful research, education, and understanding TBI sufferers and their loved ones seek and deserve.

This is the satisfaction that comes from being a Director of CNS: That through research and education, the CNS team helps individuals and their families beset by TBI to reach new levels of understanding and new hope to overcome this insidious condition today and over the many tomorrows to come.

Board Testimonial

I have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Randall Benson, John Russell and others at CNS over the past 4 years, referring clients from various parts of the country with mild and/or moderate traumatic brain injuries for testing and assessment. I chose to refer clients from around the country to Dr. Benson which often involve substantial transportation costs after conducting extensive research of his professional qualifications, expertise in the field of Diffusion Tensor Imaging (DTI). Although a number of DTI examinations are performed at a number of locations around the country, in my experience Dr. Benson and CNS are most qualified to examine, analyze and render opinions that would be sustained in court using DTI. I have learned that Dr. Benson is one of the country's leading if not THE Leading expert in the field of DTL I had the honor of attending the consensus 2 day national consensus conference of nationally known experts in multiple disciplines discussing use and misuse of imaging technology in the courtroom. Dr. Benson was an invited participant based on his nationally known credentials.

In preparation and research for a peer-reviewed article on DTI and its use in court, published in AJOB Neuroscience entitled "Daubert, Frye and DTI the Hijacking of the Right to Trial by Jury" I have reviewed scientific literature and medical legal court cases regarding DTI in general and depositions, DTI analysis and reports of Dr. Benson outlining his research, experience, education, training, knowledge, and methodology supporting Dr. Benson's application and use of DTI for patients with traumatic brain injuries. I have reviewed numerous state and federal court decisions in which Dr. Benson's methodology and/or testimony was challenged as being inadmissible. In all of the court cases that I have reviewed to date from around the country Dr. Benson, the science, technology and use of DTI for diagnosis and/or current operation of traumatic brain injury has been supported in each judge's opinion.

I would recommend to any medical practitioner or attorney whose patient or client is suffering from potential traumatic brain injury that they work with or consider using Dr. Benson and CNS to obtain the best and most reliable analysis of such medical condition using DTI.

Very truly yours,

William G. Jungbauer

William Jungbauer

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